Saturday, June 9, 2012

Additional Prices

Just additional things that do not fit anywhere else. (Click images to see larger)

$1 Lamination
Badges come laminated, but anything else can be laminated for only $1.

$3-10 Complex Character
Please note, this additional price exists because the complexity of some characters take more time, and in some cases it takes the time of making another full commission. If you are not sure about your character, just send me an email and ask.  Some example of things that would incur this additonal price:
Complex wings, detailed markings (excluding natural spots or stripes), multiple limbs, excessive exact markings/tattoos, over-the-top sparkledogs.

$10 Additional Character
Every commission price is listed for a single character.  Each additional character is $10.  (Additional characters are subject to the complex character cost as well as the first character. This means that for two excessively complex characters, the commission could be up to $30 extra.)
Orange tiger belongs to Tycoon
White tiger is the additional character.
$5 Rough Original Sketch (Only with the purchase of full page art)
For full page art (such as color and inks), I do an initial sketch on cheap paper and then transfer it to the Bristol paper on which the final piece is done.  I will include this initial, original sketch with your final, finished commission for an additional $5.  (Not applicable for badges and ACEOs)
Rough original sketch for a commission.
Character belongs to Candorian
Rough original sketch for a personal piece.

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