Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Current Specials

Megaplex Preorder Specials

Badges in any style
$5 off 2!
$13 off 3!

Bust Badge + Full Body Pinup
(more info to come)

Payment Information
Payment can either be via paypal in advance, or at the convention in cash or credit.  FWA commissions will be completed first; Megaplex commissions will be completed after FWA.  The number of slots will be increased as I finish them, but in order to make sure you get a slot (especially for FWA)  be sure to order soon.

*If you order a commission and do not pay or pick up:
I retain the right to charge extra fees for mailing after the convention.  I also retain the right to edit and resell any unpaid commissions where possible after adequate notice has been given to the commissioner.  I will not resell anything which has been paid for or if unpaid, can be easily identified as your unique character.

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