Saturday, June 9, 2012


All badges are about the size of a large index card.  They feature your character and his/her name in a basic scene or on a scrapbook paper backing.  All badges include lamination and a badge clip.

Glitter Headshot Badges
This style of badge is done in pen and marker with glittery and shiny gel pen accents on a scrapbook paper backing.
Click on the image for a larger view.
Character belongs to me.

Character belongs to Kirsa

Character belongs to Aunum

Character belongs to Enic
Splatter Badges
This style of badge features your character with an insane grin drawn in pen and black ink on an industrial-themed scrapbook paper backing to create a grunge effect.  They can be splattered with black, red, blue, dark golden yellow, or brown ink.
Character belongs to me.
Bust Badges
This style of badge has a basic background behind your character's bust instead of the scrapbook paper.
Character belongs to me.

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