Saturday, June 9, 2012

Full Color

All full color commissions are considered "full page art," as they are done on 8x10 inch bristol paper.  These can be done in a variety of media, including ink, marker, and colored pencil.  Prices are highly dependent on the  details of the piece, including media used and character and background complexity.  The following prices are to be only used as basic guidelines.
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No Background
These works will feature only the character on the white of the paper.
Marker with shiny gold accents
Character belongs to Candorian
With Background
These feature your character in a setting.  The price depends on the complexity of the background.
$60, Colored pencil

$60, Colored pencil.
The play Headsets is copyright to Willaim Missouri Downs

$60 + $10 additional character ($70 total), Marker
Orange tiger character copyright to Tycoon

$50, Marker and coffee staining

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